“Wow, that Moon!! It’s so bright!!”

She had exclaimed on a clear desert night.

I agreed then, and could do so, still –

If only I weren’t now drinking my fill

Of the Brightest Moonlight Yet

To grace my ocular set,

And set my soul a-spinnin’,

My Wanderlust only beginnin’

To take o’er Heart and Soul,

To make me feel not-quite-whole.

I yearn to see her night sky

O’er the mountains I knew whilst a boy.

And see what she might yet show

To those of us who will know

To turn our eyes to the skies

Any night she looks like a prize –

Like daytime sun, she comes and goes,

And leaves our minds comatose.

I stare at her unabashed,

Laying naked there on the grass,

Baring my soul to a lover,

The one who lights up Night’s cover.

And drinking her in,

I know it’s not sin,

To pray to the goddess of the moon –

For she will return again soon.


All words, works, writings, photos, and art contained on this blog are the creation and sole intellectual property of Nicholas Biddle. They may not be used or reproduced in any way without the express consent of the author, and proper (legal) credit given to the author.


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