Is looking up
Looking out
Seeing a plethora of stars


Is thinking about how small you are
How much of a drop in the bucket
Each and every second is
And Cherishing them all the more


Can only be seen
Away from all the noise
The Lights of cities and towns
The backbuzz of interstates
Free from the reminders of people
Well removed from infringing distractions


Is easily understood
Just beyond the treeline
Just above the dewpoint
A hair outside the city limits
Way out yonder past the caution light
Where no one knows where you are


Is deep within each of us
When we catch the light off a wet leaf
When we see that new shape in the cloud
When we find stars we never saw before
If we can focus on the intangible
Only then can we float and drift toward


Something never-ending
Never-used up
Given freely, with more to give
Presented openly, impossible to hide
If only we could all learn to find it


The bread and butter of the soul
The meaning in the Void
The promise of tomorrows
The certainty of yesterdays
The hope of the explorer
The lifeblood of the entrepreneur
The never-ending happily ever after
The Who-Knows-What-Comes-Next


The Only-I-Can-See-You
The We-Have-All-The-Time-In-The-World
The No-One-Else-Knows-This-Spot-But-Us
The I-Feel-Like-Tonight-Will-Never-End
The Indomitable Spirit of Youth


The Always-Just-One-More-Day
The I-Have-Seen-It-All
The Nothing-Surprises-Me-Anymore
The You-Learn-Something-New-Every-Day
The Never-Let-Your-Guard-Down
The Love-Like-There-Is-No-Tomorrow
The Unending Stream That Flows Toward The Great Ocean


Stretching On Forever
Without Ever Being Measured
No One Can See It
None Can Guess Its Length
And Humans Go Insane Contemplating It


Above Us
Below Us
Around Us
Enveloping Us
When We Are Most Alone


A Paltry Attempt By Mortals
To Name Something Un-Name-able
To Understand Something Un-Attain-able
To Grasp Something Beyond Our Reach
To Live A Way Impossible

Yet Still We Try….


All words, works, writings, photos, and art contained on this blog are the creation and sole intellectual property of Nicholas Biddle. They may not be used or reproduced in any way without the express consent of the author, and proper (legal) credit given to the author.


8 thoughts on “

  1. we always come with an idea that nothing lasts forever and so we rush into grasp things at earliest. But you’ve shown a nice perspective of infinity and everything we could look at with an infinite abundance 🙂 Such a beautiful poem full of hope

  2. I am going to enjoy stopping by here from what I have read already, I have Charley to thank it must be stressed – off now to hit the follow button.

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