“I can see the future,” he spoke.

And he saw it streaming out in front,

a million million possibilities ahead,

but behind, just One Unbroken Flow.

As he looked around him,

every minute detail of the Now,

the smallest grain of sand,

had limitless potential.

One cannot truly understand

what it could mean to see the “butterfly effect”

without seeing how each and every action

of every single individual, great and small

could change any- and everything, even the course of the many.

But try as he may to see a path toward

the future he prefers,

the outcome he needs,

the Best Possible Scenario,

all he sees are undulating,




Like the ever-changing dunes in the desert,

Like the waves of an ocean,

raising a ship to a crest to see The Way,

then throwing it into the trough, blinding it,

leaving it vulnerable to danger and demise.

And always, never stopping,

time flows on.

None can change that,

not its speed,

nor its persistence.

With so many possibilities,

so many changing change-ables,

how can anyone be sure of an outcome,

precognition or no?

The answer is a many-faceted gem.

With a clear mind and a sharp eye,

a razor intellect built on knowledge and action,

One can only rely upon instinct, and luck.

The winds that push us all along on our journey,

The weather that we endure, and which we are powerless to resist.

As unending and continuous as time,

one predictable, the other undefined,

We Are All Just Instinct and Luck.

Bonus points if you can tell me the inspiration for my poem!


All words, works, writings, photos, and art contained on this blog are the creation and sole intellectual property of Nicholas Biddle. They may not be used or reproduced in any way without the express consent of the author, and proper (legal) credit given to the author.


3 thoughts on “Flow

  1. I really like this, it reminds me a little of one of my own poems, (no, I don’t think that’s where your inspiration came from *laughs*), so I suppose I would like it, but be assured I enjoyed this for its own merit, for it conjures some superb visuals.

    Nice to meet you good sir.

    – sonmi upon the Cloud

    • Don’t worry, I take that as a compliment! Thank you! I am glad to hear you enjoyed it and even connected with it. Thanks so much for stopping by on a snowy morning! That is, if you don’t live where I live. :-p 50F here…..

      Nice to meet you, as well!


      • You are most welcome. The Cloud is all over the show, but at present hovers above a rainy land for it is meeting up with hail and drizzle for a chinwag (minus chins).

        – sonmi smiling upon the Cloud

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