Almost time!

I thought I had

So much time left


More than I’d need….

But suddenly

I could swear I only blinked twice,

And now it’s almost time to go.


All words, works, writings, photos, and art contained on this blog are the creation and sole intellectual property of Nicholas Biddle. They may not be used or reproduced in any way without the express consent of the author, and proper (legal) credit given to the author.


2 thoughts on “GO

  1. Congratulations on what you did **NOT** do! You did not give us just another maudlin poem with pretty, frilly words about the brevity of life. You chose well — plain words made beautiful by their plainness just as the most beautiful lives are those lived in simplicity. I applaud you for this truly inspiring work. (But if the word “like” went away in the fourth line, I would be “like” overjoyed! It simply adds nothing of value except to future forensic linguists…my opinion, of course!)


    • Oh, I certainly agree with your opinion on “Like”! I had been inspired to use it because I had just passed a girl who said that exact phrase….
      Perhaps I could keep the inspiration, but improve the quality of vocabulary! 😉

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