Too Far Above Me

Too Far Above Me


Over me


Above me

Beyond reach

Like a Skyscraper,

The Monolith

Taunts me with my own simplicity.

I am bound to the Earth,

Cursed forever to crawl upon my belly.

I can never reach the sky,

Much less the stars.

Gravity is my limit.

My weight keeps me down

My poverty keeps me down

My own achievements

Keep me down,

A limit by their very existence.

“This one is only good for

Answering phones

Using computers

Data entry



This is what my résumé tells the Man –

I am only good for what I’ve already done.

How did I learn

To do all this in the first place?

I could ask.

Such questions get one nowhere.

Our place is not to think.

Our place is to




Here I stand

Looking up at everything

I can not reach,

Unable to fathom how I will ever manage to climb that far up.

Forgetting that I already stand hundreds of feet above the level of the sea….


All writings, photos, and art of any kind on all pages of sonofthemountains.wordpress.com are the sole creation and intellectual property of Nicholas Biddle, and may not be recreated or copied in any way without his permission, unless full credit is given.


One thought on “Unattainable

  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts in humble words. I am sure we all are struggling with them at some point. The interesting part is we all reach some or the other destination, few even look impossible yet we accomplish them too. But the magic lies when we all can be successful reaching within our own self. 🙂 We prefer climbing for skies and simply forget to dig deeper into ourselves, because if take that as the first step, we would then realise that the destination we were aiming for are is longer required by our soul. And thus we can come to peace.

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