Write down some thoughts,

And they are joined by more.

Slowly, a story is sprouting

Like the creep of Spring in March.

Give it the Water of Constant Thought,

The Light of Inspiration,

And the Soil of Creativity.

Breath your Life onto the pages

With Your Words.

Some words will die,

It may hurt to see them go,

But others can always grow up in their place.

This is the Cycle of Life.

Always remember that Difficulty is a frame of reference.

Just as there is no Long without Short,

No Darkness without Light to direct it.

We might mistakenly assume that these Two

Stand opposed: Death and Life.

Yet we know that neither can exist without the other.

True Creation embraces and requires both.

We will each of us see both Growth and Aging

In our lives, and in our writings.


All words, works, writings, photos, and art contained on this blog are the creation and sole intellectual property of Nicholas Biddle. They may not be used or reproduced in any way without the express consent of the author, and proper (legal) credit given to the author.


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