Today, I saw a truck being melted down by The New God. It was being reduced, melted, into something smaller, simpler, into a form less apt to catch the Eye of The New God. The truck would end up as something less man-made, for the jealousy of The New God leaves little room for things that man hath wrought.

I sat among the thick pine trees along the side of the old road that ran near our borders. I reflected on the nature of The New God. This is what It always does, to anything and anyone unlucky enough to attract Its gaze. We are all but kindling, each of us awaiting the day when we will be offered up as smoke into the air, returned as ash into the dust. I thought it fitting that this truck, created at the height of man’s hubris, would now end up as just another offering to The New God. At least my Family was spared for another day, since The Flame creeping along the grass around the truck could not surpass the hard surface of the old road, and the breeze kept the Embers from floating over it and landing in our forest.

I had long ago stopped wondering at the Origin of The New God. Sometimes It came in the night, lighting up the darkness like daytime, but using the colors of the sunset. Sometimes, It swept down upon us, fast and vicious, right in the middle of the day, when persistent winds came and pushed It along. Not too long after we survived The Birth of The New God, we had taken all our big machines out, in wide circles, wider and wider, around our lands, to carve long pits that The New God had trouble crossing. I had heard that It had gotten as close as the innermost circle just last month, but not until today had I seen It close-up again, like I did That Day, when we almost lost everything to It. It wasn’t like any of us needed any reminders as to the new order of things – when something was claimed by The New God, there was very little hope of any Salvation. We had no idea if The Old God would hear our prayers a second time.

Today, I saw no sign of whoever left the truck to die at our border. I had learned to read the movements of The New God’s handiwork, and I figured that It must have started devouring the truck from the back. The Flames could not have leaped into life any longer than one hour ago. I rose from the ground and carved a few symbols on some of the trees along the road, but on the forest side, so travelers wouldn’t see them at first. My people knew what to look for, though. I returned to the heart of our lands by a very zig-zagging route, leaving notes for my Family members at intervals. We sometimes saw travelers pass by our lands, but the few who had made it into the inner circle had not made it back out.


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