The Hunt

Luna escondida

It’s like waking up. Like when you first step out and take a deep breath of crisp air. Like being thirsty, and taking that first sip of cool water.

It’s the night falling, and it is when I come alive.

I saw the movement at the corner of my vision. I turned my head just a little, as if I didn’t actually care. I saw what I had hoped to see — my prey.

There was a rather dense bit of trees between us, myself sitting beneath an oak, my prey creeping through the field. I knew I had more than enough time to stand up – slowly, silently.

Now I was moving. I kept my eyes pointed at the shape in the grass, but they were wide, so I could pay attention all around me, as well. My ears strained for every sound that surrounded me. I chose my steps very slowly, very carefully. I knew there was nothing to be gained now by hurrying. The key here would be letting the situation unfold as it would – I playing my part, she hers….

The wind was in my face, so I made sure to blink regularly, but this was a good thing. I didn’t mind the cool, nor the discomfort to my eyes. I wanted my scent and my sound to be pushed away from my target.

I had learned long ago that a full moon can be just as helpful as the full sun. There was even more light shining now than I needed, but of course, moon-shadows are darker than those cast by the sun’s light. The deciding factor here, however, was myself. I had to be willing to start slow, to ensure that I didn’t make any avoidable mistakes. If I was patient, and diligent, I would come soon enough to that wonderful part where I was poised to strike, and then for her it would be too late…..


All words, works, photos, and ideas on this blog are the exclusive creation and sole intellectual property of Nicholas Biddle. No part or whole may be reproduced without full (legal) credit given to said author.

Thanks for reading! Soon, we’ll be witnessing here some of my work for a novel or two…..


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