November First Quarter

November First Quarter

Why is it that people wish upon a star?

They just like to hide at first light,

Playing hide-and-seek with our days.


The moon is the one who flirts with both sides.

She shows a coy face in the bluest of skies,

But the night is when she really shines.


Falsely labeled “inconstant,” and “changing,”

The moon is misunderstood by most.

The scheduled man sees not her true nature.


She offers so much more than the stars,

But keeps our wishes and dreams closer to home,

Not flying off to some distant, alien galaxy.


I will take the moon over the stars,

For stars cannot light up my night like the day,

And I never see them challenge even the Sun.


All words, photos, art and works on this blog are the sole creation and intellectual property of one Nicholas Biddle. No piece or whole may be reproduced or used without full legal credit given.

The above was written in Perry, Georgia, on the First of February, Two Thousand Fifteen. The photograph was taken on Thanksgiving Dusk, Two Thousand Fourteen.

Thanks for reading, and especially for any opinions!


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