Go West, Young Ones

Into the sunset we rode, and the smell of the familiar air of home gradually changed. Her car was our horse, with cylinders for legs, tires for hooves, and a steering wheel for the reins. The rush of eighty miles-an-hour was our theme song, as it roared by my ears and forced me to squint at the trees flowing hurriedly by, like the inexorable scroll of the credits on a silver screen. I looked to my left, and she had never looked more beautiful. I didn’t know why, then, but I know it now, just as surely as I know we are stronger for having taken the journey. In covering these distances, we have conquered the land, and set ourselves free. A free and spirited woman is the most beautiful view there is.


Written at 1:30am, in an Amarillo, TX hotel room, after eighteen straight hours of driving split between two people. Sleep deprivation is a curious thing…..

All words, works, pictures and art contained anywhere on this blog are the sole intellectual property and original creation of Nicholas Biddle, unless otherwise credited. Nothing down on this site may be reproduced or used in any way without giving full credit where it’s due. Thanks for reading!


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