O Lost!

You see

The Problem was

I was a dog

And she was a cat.


I didn’t understand it then

She claimed she was a porcupine

“I’m gentle and smooth

If you rub me the right way

But ruffle me

And I’ll prick you

Make you bleed

Leave the quills quivering there

So you can’t pull them out….”

But erethizon dorsatum is a rather calm and confident rodent

whose primary threat is traffic.

Her biggest danger was not cars, but herself.

And she would manically flip, sometimes,

From winning the room

To hiding in hers.

At times she decided that a friend from yesterday

Was an enemy for the moment

And she might forget all that still

By day’s end.


I, however, was loyal to my friends

– To her –

Though such devotion was met with mixed results.

I doggedly pursued her

In the best of times

And the worst.

I was never fully convinced she’d noticed,

Until The Fight.

Or, more truthfully, its Aftermath.


When we couldn’t bring our hearts

To quit each other

I knew too late

That I had lost my best friend

And it was too late to go back.







All works, words and art contained on this blog are the sole creation and intellectual property of Nicholas Biddle unless otherwise indicated. They may not be reproduced or used in any way without proper credit and consent. Thanks for reading and enjoying!



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