I return to my Home in the dead of night,

Whispering my return to my lover, like a mist.

I have been too long away,

Far too long, I say,

And pray she can forgive me.

She has changed, I see.

While I was off, she was still, here.

Waiting for me to come Home.


My lips part and my power seeps out,

My words the true magic I work.

I tell her I am Spring come unto her,

To warm her, and make her flower

Begin to grow once again.

No longer shall she be frozen.

I shall bring forth in her all those hidden places

Where she is fertile, fecund, and fortunate.


It is she I have craved, as I have roamed through far lands,

No matter where, my thoughts and heart have been ever here.

Now I shall see the bud stick out

And the blossom she shall tout

Will show my effect and ability.

The petals will open up for me.

She will lay fallow and barren no more; her chill will vanish.

She will cover her bones in beauty, to become fuller and softer.


Pollen fills the air, and makes us heady. We get drunk on warmth and sunshine.

Moisture provides the means for us to quench our thirst, flowing ever stronger.

I contain myself no longer, and give up

Every last bit of power, to fill her cup.

I know that our reunion may be brief,

I may be gone with the turning of the leaf,

Yet we still continue on down this stream, completely immersed in each other’s company.

For even if I must leave again ‘ere long, I will return, and we shall encore our song.








All words, works, art, etc. shown on this blog are the sole creation and intellectual property of Nicholas Biddle, unless otherwise indicated. They may not be reproduced or used in any way without proper credit and consent. Thanks for reading and enjoying!


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