It was a city full of butterflies, flitting around like the birds and the bees – as if every one of them – singularly, exclusively – had the most important needs.

Countless individuals raced everywhere all around us, and pairs walked by us as fast as if we had been snails. Groups of them hurtled every which-a-way, often trapped in boxes, looking at the world going by without an inkling of their incarceration.

At first we were overwhelmed, then insulted, and disdainful. Finally we came to understand, though, the peace of social transcendence – we transcended society. We could never be like them, could never live like they did, and we would never miss out on a thing. We were Ourselves, our own, our pack, and Simply nothing else would be Natural.


All works, words and art contained on this blog are the sole creation and intellectual property of Nicholas Biddle unless otherwise indicated. They may not be reproduced or used in any way without proper credit and consent. Thanks for reading and enjoying!


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