Perhaps both

One who sees from either side

Any point of view

A soul who relates to any and all whose paths it crosses

Is an anomaly, rarer than rare, in the general population.


How can this occur, at all?

Can any one individual truly understand both

The Forest and The Trees of society?

To feel equally akin to the whole and to the parts, themselves,

Is this not true balance?


It must be that only one who is completely disconnected

From social trends

From the passions of the public

From the whims of the common citizen

Will ever be able to see all sides equally

Siding with all parties, and yet, none.


Only one who is outside

Can see the inside for what it truly is.

Closeness can blind

In relationships

In events

In judgements meant to be fair

Impartiality carries a measure of distance, as a requirement.


How, then, should the human self identify

Who belongs not to any particular area, background, group or persuasion?


The curse is the lack of understanding this one will receive

From a populace accustomed to seeing only itself everywhere,

Shying away always from any small perturbation

Shunning a thing even remotely different or unexpected

So the one with feet in all camps learns to assimilate

Blend in


And even though the variation may be slight

Such separation allows the One to See All Points of View.


The blessing is the unpredictable boon of gaining anyone’s confidence –

Ones who have been blindly shunned are for once openly accepted;

Those who bore of fitting in can reveal their true, hidden deviations,

Without fear of reprisal or reproach.

This is a power even superheroes lack:

Gain a person’s confidence, reward their trust, and they can make a true and unprecedented ally.

The power of the not-quite-misfit is the ability to gather up both fit and mis

Bridging the gap

Completing the divided human race.







All words, works, photos, art, etc. displayed or contained on this blog are the intellectual property and sole creation of Nicholas Biddle. None my be used, reproduced or referenced in any way without full, proper credit and consent. Thanks for reading, please enjoy and read more!


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