To call it a curse would be an understatement,

Yet not quite accurate.

The demand that this slippery, tricky Evening God makes upon us

Is that we throw out our notion of sleep cycle, of schedule,

Ignore what we believe about the requirements of body, or of career,

Fly in the face of convention and conservatism,

And stay up as late as possible, putting off tomorrow.


“Never mind what will happen in the morning,” he croons,

“Forget about your job or class,

What time you need to set your alarm for,

Or what you’ll need to get done within the next 24 hours.”

He has a hold over us that we are powerless to resist,

And he uses it only after the stars come out.


Regardless of how much you may crave a normal life,

Fitting into the mold, waking and sleeping with the sun,

Despite your desire to be a functioning member of productive society

By getting the medically recommended dosage of shut-eye,

You still find yourself in thrall to the one who plays after dark.


Part of you yearns for childhood, and this part is stimulated by memories

Of sleepovers, movies, games, talking and laughing, bonding and socializing.

Part of you is adult, very adult, and this part feels invulnerable,

It is this side of you that Insomnia truly tugs at:

The notion that you can be above any rule or requirement,

God-like, just like him, and able to do anything –


Simply by staying awake.


What he will never tell you

Is what awaits you come dawn….







All words, works, art and photography displayed on this blog are the sole creation and intellectual property of Nicholas Biddle, unless otherwise indicated. They may not be reproduced or reused in any way unless proper and legal credit is given. Thanks, as always, for reading and enjoying!


2 thoughts on “Insomnia

  1. I love the personification you have placed on insomnia. I have done that with my “Specter” in dealing with my depression. Thank you for your courageous transparency, my friend.

    • I have seen a bit of that so far, the very engaging frame of reference you use to draw us as readers into your mind’s eye concerning depression. Very touching, yet hopeful, since it shows a sincere and determined artistic attempt to channel such depression…. Thank you, in return.

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