Spirit Animal

Reading words

Late at night

Or in the cool of afternoon

On a page

Or a screen



They sound like words I’ve thought

Passions I’ve felt

Experiences I had, in another life, perhaps.


O, Lost,

And by the Wind grieved,


You Can Never Come Back Again.

You are Lost, Boy,

In Time, like A River,

But what you left for me

For any who would read

And feel

Opens the unfound Door inside

And makes you complete,



Soon to be a Century

After you railed so hard against





Trying to make your mark,

And make it right.


Your legacy lives on

In those of us Afflicted

By the inchoate roar

Choked off in our throats

At which we claw like madmen

And rush out to stride the world –


Just as you did.







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