Home is a funny thing –

It isn’t always the same,

But will always be remembered as if it were.


It may be a scent,

A sound, or a sight,

But the best way to describe it is “you know it when you feel it.”


“Home” breaks the boundaries of physics and space-time,

Occupying two places at once, without moving or changing:

One is its location in the world, but the other is in the hearts of those who give it its name.


A home can be built, or molded, perhaps even molded into or built around,

But as much as we try to make each place we live in a “home,”

Each place is unique, and will each be a special kind of home, different from all others.

Does Home exist only within our hearts?

We will spend our lives trying to see.


The question stands, Can we ever go Home again?

The answer is a resoundingly enigmatic




All three words playing upon the meaning of the truth.

For what is Home, truly?

This last question can consume our souls.






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