A wildfire

Is a curious thing.

Only one thing in Nature,

Besides, maybe, an epidemic,

Can spread with such an insatiable devastation.

And of course, lest we be outdone,

We humans can also mirror this trend perfectly:


Is the only thing we are capable of

That can spread so virulently,

Sweeping unchecked through all populations;

Even when it seems to die out,

It merely lays in wait.

The two things which can never be extinguished

In the human race, to the outside observer,

Are Hatred

And the Fire of Life.

Loki and Prometheus,

Like cousins of the human spirit, those meddlers

Look down at us from the crags of Ancient Time,

And claim, “At least our most passionate legacies continue to blaze!”


But what of Love?

Does it not fan into being perhaps even faster than Hate?

Is it not possible to prove that two strangers, eyes meeting for the first time,

Without knowing anything of the other, and with no prior exposure,

Will be far more prone to see a “Love at first sight,” than have “Hatred of the unknown?”

What do we truly know about Love? What can be technically understood about it?

Certainly, far less than we can of Hate!

Hate is simple, yet Love, resoundingly complex.

Whereas Hate is born from madness, the approach to Love Itself is maddening,

And once one finds oneself lost in Love, there is almost no way out again.

Hatred is a bit easier to overcome, and to shed like a snake’s skin,

But Love – Ah, Love! Oh, Love! My Love! – Love is like a tangled web,

Like the skin of a human: terrible to shed, and death to do so.

The most important difference we find between Love and Hate is this, though, and that is the diametrically opposed roots from which each spring. For Love – True Love, Lasting and Healthy Love – can only be nurtured forth from the soil of Respect, but Hate – Short-Sighted Hate, Mutually Destructive and Evil Hate – arises purely out of self-centered, rotting, putrid and stagnant selfishness.

Hate shortens life, whereas Love can make us immortal, even eternal.

Some people are prone only to one, and some, to both. No one is exempt from them entirely, however.

Hatred toward others can be born from unhealthy, narcissistic and destructive Love of the Self.

Love of others, without Love of the Self, and in detriment to one’s own needs, can be a misguided sort of Love, bred from deep Hatred of oneself, hidden away.


In both flames, let us learn how to rise on the hot updrafts, to look down upon the effects our fire visits upon our surroundings. By such fruits may we determine the origin of our own conflagration.




We must learn, and learn quickly, which blazes to snuff out, and which tendrils to nurture, before we are engulfed in desolation.







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