The Tedious Time










Tumbles onward,


Torrent of events and emotions


Tearing past my static form.


Trying to contain it is futile.


Try as I might,


To tame this insistent beast of physics,


Time is indelible, incessant, and unending,


Truer than the tiniest of particles of matter.


Totally beyond our thought capacity,


Touched by theology, but not by theory.


Time is on a level with a god,




There is not one moment,

Not one tiny minute,

When any person can

Truly be said to



The Flow of Time.


Time will continue to push,

Unstoppable, toward the end –

– If ever there is to be one.







All words, works, art and content contained on this blog are the sole creation of and intellectual property of Nicholas Biddle. None may be reproduced or reused in any way except as allowed by the author.



#writing #nature #time #art


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